Tournament Rules – Ferndale Girl's Basketball Association

General ​Tournament Rules

  • ​Games may begin early to ensure timeliness of the schedule.  Make arrangements to have your team prepared.  
  • A team will forfeit a game if they are not prepared to play (5) minutes past the official start time of the game.  If necessary, teams may begin play with (4) players.
  • A forfeiture will award the other team with a win and a positive (15) point margin.  The forfeiting team will get a loss and a negative (15) point margin.
  • Players may play at any level they are eligible for, but cannot play for more than (1) team.  Failure to follow this rule will result in the participating team forfeiting the game.
  • Roster sheets with player information, numbers, grade level, and age verification information is required.  These roster sheets must be submitted to the Tournament Director prior to the first tournament game.  No players may be added to a roster once the tournament has started.
  • Tournament provided Score Keepers will maintain the official score book.  
  • Tournament Officials or Gym Managers will resolve all disputes as quickly and amicably as possible.  Gym Managers will be on-site at each location, if a Gym Manager is unable to resolve a dispute, they will be responsible for contacting a Tournament Official for guidance.
  • The ten (10) second back court rule will apply for all grade levels.

​Age Specific WIAA Girls Rules Exceptions - Click on the link below to download the PDF of the rules