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PSCTL Covid19 League Status

Update: Thursday, October 1, 2020
We received the following communication in regards to the PSCTL league...

Covid19 And league status;

Good morning PSCTL members:
I hope this finds all healthy and staying safe from what has turned out to be a very frustrating and dangerous time since we called our 2919 season this past March. Who would have thought we’d be in the same situation 7 months later, with so much uncertainty. I will try and let you all know what, where we go from this point in time.

League status: We are in a holding pattern but I can say we will have no league games in 2020. If things suddenly opened up which is highly unlikely our first games would be scheduled after the new year. To be honest and up front with you, I don’t foresee any chance of a winter Basketball season at all.

Why?: Our feeder league Is basically in the hands of the schools districts, schools and their respective facilities. No gyms....no play. At this point they are not even considering or taking requests for outside use and even if they were to schedule games the steps and protocol that would need to be in place to keep everyone safe is going to take a great deal of planning, resources and cooperation from all involved and at every facility! I for one do not want to risk the possibility of even ONE person becoming infected because of a youth basketball game. There are far to many things more important In life than playing basketball ....with the safety of the players, coaches, officials and fans being my number one concern!

So what’s next: As a league as of this point the 2020-21 winter season is on hold with high probability of being canceled. Tryouts have not been held-gyms have not been secured- safety measures are not in place and there is currently no vaccine to take in case of infection.

If things were to drastically change and everything fell into place we might entertain the possibility of a shortened season starting in mid-Jan, with playoffs first weekend in March. Highly unlikely...but open to the idea if we could get it up and running safely.

Options: I talked for sometime with the head of insurance at AAU and she said there are some tournaments that are moving forward with the opportunity to play. This is largely dependent on the individual states and Governor's. I don’t think Washington is one of those but will leave that to each individual event. There are A few leagues out there that have access to their own facilities and don’t need clearance to use other than following rules outlined by the state. So if you have teams formed and parents/players are on board to play under conditions we are in, I’d advise you to check out IEAAU.org and our PNWAAU.org to check out your options. I don’t believe the ETL is planning to play or are under same status as our league.

AAU Insurance: As mentioned, I talked with headquarters at AAU and we can sign up and insure players even if league does not take place. We also retain all our information on file so we don’t have to start from ground zero once play resumes , which is important as has taken years to Input and would hate to have to start over. I will not be doing third party certificates for facilities, unless schools become available. All programs can retain individual AAU insurance but highly recommend you check out website and Pandemic protocol for Details. Www.asusports.org

So in closing....things look bleak and as with everything else “up in the air”. The most important thing is we don’t resume to early or with any risk of someone getting infected. Please be safe and hope this helps clear some questions/concerns that you as a program may have and help assist in choosing the path your program take. 

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Fall SWISH League Cancelled

Please note that the 2020 Girls S.W.I.S.H. Basketball League will not happen this fall, which would have begun play on Saturday, October 31st and run through Saturday, December 19th. We are hopeful that we can either run a Girls SWISH Basketball League to begin sometime in January or even later in the winter or early spring beginning in March.

All INDOOR Recreation programs will be unavailable until Phase 4 of the Washington State Reopening Plan for Skagit County, which you can get updated information on via the state’s Risk Assessment Dashboard. Please note that Phase 4 doesn’t guarantee that programs will happen, but that the opportunity to run any indoor Recreation programs will require Phase 4 be reached. 

Further program information will be available once Phase 4 for Skagit County has been confirmed.

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New Player Registration


​If you are new to the FGBA program this year and were not at try-outs​ or at the gear sizing, please complete this form to register for your team. You will need to fill in your player's AAU number (buy that online here) as well as pay the $50 registration fee via PayPal upon form completion. Questions? Email info@ferndalegirlsbasketball.com

Registration is now closed. Thank you.

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Uniform Sizing and Registration

​If you have accepted a spot on a FGBA team, please join us on Friday, September 27th from 4 - 6pm for Uniform Sizing and registration. If you'd like to register ahead of time with a credit card, use the form below. You can also pay at the event with a check or cash.

Your daughter will need an AAU Extended Membership card before she can register for a team. You can get the AAU card online here.

​Registration is closed. Thank you.

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2019/2020 Rosters

​2019/2020 Rosters

​Thank you to everyone who tried out for the 2019/2020 FGBA season. 

Congratulations to the following players. We're looking forward to a great season! If your daughter's number is listed below and she will be accepting a spot on the team, please send an email to info@ferndalegirlsbasketball.com with a note of acceptance that includes her name and grade by Tuesday, September 24th. Thank you!

5th Grade

​6th Grade

​7th Grade

​8th Grade

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2019 Information & Tryouts

Welcome to the 2019/20 Season! Here is some important information along with upcoming events:

Upcoming Events:

  • Open Gym – Open gym on September 10th and 12th from 6-7:40PM. FGBA board member will be in available to answer any FGBA questions you may have!
  • Tryouts – September 18th and 19th
    • Tryouts will be on September 18th and 19th.
    • 4th, 5th and 6th graders – 5:00 – 6:30pm. Registration opens at 4:30.
    • 7th and 8th graders – 7:00 – 8:30pm. Registration opens at 6:30.

2019-20 Ferndale Girls Competitive Basketball Information

2019-20 Board members

  • John Cruikshank
  • Sharon Neal
  • Patrice Valentine
  • Leanna Doll
  • Terry Birdsell

Tryout process
Tryouts are held over two nights. This year, tryouts will be held Sept 18 and 19th @ Vista MS. It is highly encouraged for players to attend both nights. A set of evaluators will handle each grade and provide a ranking of each grade to the board of directors. Rosters will be posted Sunday Sept 22 after 5pm. All players will be listed be their tryout number and note their name.

Season review

  • League Options (per team)
    • SWISH  Approx end of October – December
    • Puget Sound Travel League. Approx. Dec 1 to March 1
  • 6 Tournaments to include our own Chelsey Ebert Ferndale JAM
    • Skyline, Eastlake, Issaquah and state for travel. Cold Turkey, Redmond and others to be considered by team. We play in the these as those programs have supported our tournament for many years.


  • $300 and includes all warmups and uniforms.
    • $50 at time of registration. Poinsettia sales will give $4 credit from each plant toward the balance owed. Any remaining amount owed will be due approx. Nov 1.
  • Extra items available for purchase for parents etc.
  • Poinsettia fundraiser


  • Two practices per week @ Vista. Possibly some at Horizon
  • Team size generally 10
  • If enough kids (and coaches) we can put a second team together. They will be an A and B team, not mixed. Depended on interest, coaches and gym space.
  • All players who make a team must have an AAU Extended Benefit card done prior to registration and practices
  • All coaches must obtain AAU cards which includes background checks. Must be done the week of tryouts.


  • Poinsettias Oct/Nov. Players will be given the opportunity to fundraise to cover the balance of the player fee by selling poinsettias. $4 from every plant sold will be applied to the player. Any residual amount owed after sales will the responsibility of each family.

Chelsey Ebert Ferndale Jam Tournament

  • Expected volunteer help
  • 8 hours from each at a minimum.
  • This event raises funds that helps us keep our cost lower than all other competitive programs. It is a large event that takes a great deal of volunteer time and coordination.


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2019 Open Gym + Tryouts

2019 Open Gym + Try-Out Dates

Please join us for Open Gym nights at Vista Middle School

  • Open gym on September 10th and 12th from 6-7:40PM. FGBA board member will be in available to answer any FGBA questions you may have!

Try-Outs - Vista Middle School

  • Tryouts will be on September 18th and 19th.
  • 4th, 5th and 6th graders - 5:00 - 6:30pm. Registration opens at 4:30.
  • 7th and 8th graders - 7:00 - 8:30pm. Registration opens at 6:30,

​Tryout process
Tryouts are held over two nights. ​It is highly encouraged for players to attend both nights. A set of evaluators will handle each grade and provide a ranking of each grade to the board of directors. Rosters will be posted Sunday Sept ​22 after 5pm. All players will be listed be their tryout number and note their name.

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Ferndale Golden Eagles Basketball Camp

​​Ferndale Golden Eagles Basketball Camp

June 24th/25th
1:30 - 3:30pm
Location: FHS Gym
Grades: 2nd - 7th

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2019 CRE Info

On behalf of the Chelsey Ebert Ferndale JAM committee and the Ferndale Girls Basketball Association, we welcome everyone to the 17th Annual tournament. We thank everyone for both their participation and patience as you wait for schedules to be released. This year, we have a record 102 teams playing and with that comes many special requests and coaches who coach multiple teams, so navigating through 224 games took a little extra time.

We assume for various reasons that the schedule may adjust. We know all the teams will bring mistakes to our attention which is great. At this point, please don’t send in specific requests for changes as it has a long multiplying affect.

View the schedule on Tourney Machine Now

In addition, as a qualifier for the Washington State Middle School Championship, we will be placing some extra teams this year, so we needed to add some games, specifically to 5th silver, 6th silver and 7th silver where they are taking the top 3 and needed a loser game from the semifinals. 8th silver will send 4 this year. All other ages two.

The Outstanding Team Player award will be awarded to one player on each tam during EVERY pool game. Please check your team packet for specific information on this award. The one rule on this is the same player cannot win in multiple pool games. You will be provided with the award at your pool game site.

As we do every year, t-shirts and hoodies will be offered for sale at Ferndale High School. All players will be on a list at the t-shirt booth (no coupons this year). Players can take a free white tournament shirt or take $10 off a hoody purchase or they can take the t-shirt and buy the hoodie at normal price. We do not have access to Ferndale High School Friday night, so they are not available the first night. Anyone who pre-ordered can pick them up Saturday or Sunday.

We will again have the Grants Burgers food truck at Ferndale High School from approximately 10am – 7pm Saturday and Sunday.

Other locations may have some limited concessions and a couple of schools will have their booster club running their concession stands.

Please also seek out some local Ferndale Food during your breaks. Some places we suggest you try out are:

  • Coconut Kenny’s (1710 Labounty Dr. #1 Ferndale, WA 98248)
  • Barb’s Pies and Pastries (the best donuts in town! 5679 3rd Ave. Ferndale. Open Friday and Saturday).
  • Need some team snacks? Hit up the Grocery Outlet (also on Labounty near Coconut Kenny’s).
  • The tamales at New Mexico Tamale Co. are delicious. Call ahead for larger orders! 360.389.8841 or stop in and grab something to go – 5687 3rd Ave. Ferndale
  • Chihuahua Family Mexican Restaurant is great for large groups

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We’re working on schedules!

Thank you to the over 100 teams who have registered for the upcoming Ferndale Jam. We are currently working on scheduling and will have the schedules posted just as soon as we can. Thanks!

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